The Creator Program is a unique opportunity for video creators, streamers, and social media influencers to gain access to special opportunities in partnership with the Everguild team!

Become part of an exclusive community and create your way through the grimdark galaxy to earn eligibility to special perks, including content previews, early access to new content, the potential to have your work featured in official channels and other events and promotions.

Fill the request and let your name be known throughout the Galaxy!


What is the Creator Program?

The Creator program allows us to discover some of the most dedicated members of our community with the aim of working in tandem with them, sharing their content via official channels and including them in special events and promotions.

What are the benefits of joining the Creator Program?

Creators and influencers who join the Creator Program will have access to many unique perks. Besides the potential to have their work featured in official channels, they would be among the first to know about upcoming content. 

Content Creators in the Program would also be recognizable in the Discord channel with a special flair and could be contacted for their collaboration in special events and promotions, such as content previews, giveaways or merchandise opportunities.

How do I join?

To send an application to join the Creator Program, simply fill out the form available in the Apply section of this site. In the Links section of the form we only require your content media platform of choice, but feel free to add any other links that may be of interest.

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