FAQ: From Closed Beta to Early access

Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge is about to enter Early Access! We have gathered answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming changes.

Player accounts

Will I keep my progress from the Closed Beta?

No. The progress from the Closed Alpha and Closed Beta periods will not carry over into the Early Access version of the game. Access to the Closed Beta will end once the Early Access version becomes available on Steam on 19th October.

Will I keep my progress from the Early Access once the game is fully released?

Yes! There won’t be any further resets after Early Access. Any progress made in Early Access will carry over once the game is fully released.

Do I need a Beta key to play during Steam Early Access?

No. When Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge comes to Steam Early Access on 19th October, it will be free to play and open to all. No need for a key or invitation of any kind.

Will I keep my username, friends and other account data from the Closed Beta?

No. The Closed Beta is running in a separate server from the Early Access. Once the Early Access starts, you will create a fresh new account, and will have to go through the onboarding again, choose your name, etc.

What about the reward for taking part in the Closed Alpha/Beta?

As soon as the Early Access starts, we will send out an email to everyone who took part in the Closed Alpha and Beta with an individualized code you can redeem in-game to receive this exclusive card back. If you have previously unsubscribed from the Warpforge newsletter, you will need to subscribe again to make sure you receive it.

If you received your key without signing up to the Closed Beta (eg. through a content creator giveaway), please make sure to fill in the form to sign up now and receive your card back when the game is released.

We will announce on social media once the codes have been sent out. If you haven’t received yours by then, please check your Spam folder. Contact us if you still can’t find the email.

I already have an account in Horus Heresy: Legions, is there a way to link it to Warpforge?

Yes! If you already have an account on Horus Heresy: Legions, make sure to register it with an email and password and log in with them on Warpforge, before choosing your username. While you will still get a new account on Warpforge, it will be linked to Legions and allow you to enjoy cross-promotion activities and rewards.

PC and mobile

Will the game be also available on Mobile?

Yes, the game will be released on Apple’s App Store and on Google Play on November 2nd, with full cross-platform support. You can already pre-register on both stores to earn 10 free Booster Packs when the game is released on mobile. This pre-registration reward can only be collected once per account.

If I start playing on Steam, can I still get the mobile pre-registration reward?

Yes! You can pre-register on mobile and start playing on Steam Early Access without worry. Once you have your player account on Steam, register it in-game with an email and password so that you can then log in with the same account on different devices. When the game is released on mobile, login with that email and password, and you will get the pre-registration reward.

Premium Campaigns and Progression

What are the benefits of purchasing a Premium Campaign?

Premium campaigns offer two benefits:

  • An additional track of rewards in that faction’s Campaign, with a legendary wildcard in the very first node and numerous rewards further along, including exclusive cosmetics you cannot earn elsewhere.
  • 200 free Campaign Points for that faction in the Daily Login Bonus, every day. These points are granted regardless of which faction you have currently selected to work towards. If you purchase multiple Premium Campaigns, you will get 200 Campaign Points for each of them in the Daily Login Bonus. This is a passive benefit you’ll keep getting every day, as long as you login to collect it.

What good are the free Campaign Points once I finish the Campaign track?

The last node in each Campaign can be collected an unlimited number of times, so you will continue to benefit from the Premium Campaign even after you collect all the nodes in the Campaign.

How many missions can I complete in a day?

Missions are the main way to earn Campaign Points and progress through the Campaigns. At the start of the game, you have an initial set of missions to complete at your own pace. After that initial set, you will receive 3 new missions each day, on top of the Daily Skulls Mission which has several milestones and resets each day.

What are Skulls? How do I earn them?

You get Skulls after every match you play in Warpforge. The amount of Skulls a match rewards you depends on how low you managed to get your opponent’s life total during the game. Winning a match awards the maximum of 3 Skulls, while pushing your opponent’s life below 10 or below 20 points will award 2 and 1 Skulls respectively. The rewards at the end of the match will depend on how many Skulls you earned, and they are also added to the daily tally that provides Campaign points upon hitting certain thresholds.

Warhammer 40,000 Warpforge is almost here. Get ready to fight!

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