Marching Through February’s Meta! Discover Warpforge’s Latest Insights

The latest data reveals the outcomes of all battles fought across the Warpforge universe since the end of last season. Join us as we explore the statistics that have shaped this month’s season. Get ready for new challenges and embark on your journey through the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Faction Rankings

In the relentless theatre of war, each faction fiercely competes for victory. In the global faction ranking the once-dominant Orks have faced a setback, allowing the Black Legion to claim the top spot with a 54.90% win rate, showcasing the unyielding power of chaos. Meanwhile, the Necron Sautekh Dynasty strides confidently with a 53.90% win rate, reaffirming their mastery over ancient technology. Not far behind, the Aeldari faction holds firm amidst the shifting tides of battle with a 53.46% win rate.

Black Legion54.90%27.2%
Sautekh Dynasty53.90%13.7%
Goff Orks50.56%12.8%
Leviathan Tyranids48.16%15.6%
In the Legendary division, Saim-Hann holds a comfortable lead with a 58.29% win rate, followed by the heroic Ultramarines. Keep an eye out for the Black Legion, boasting a win rate of 53.38% and promising power gifted from the Dark Gods.

Black Legion53.38%21.7%
Goff Orks52.01%13.5%
Leviathan Tyranids51.74%17.2%
Sautekh Dynasty48.00%9.8%

Global Warlord Rankings

This month, Abaddon has become an ender of worlds, reaching a commanding 58.7% win rate, wreaking havoc on the front lines. However, the Despoiler can’t afford to get too comfortable on his throne, the Swarmlord is closing in, securing the second position with a win rate of 58.2%. Meanwhile, Imotekh maintains his reputation as one of the deadliest strategists in the galaxy in a third position shared with Eliac Zephyrblade.

Abaddon the Despoiler58.7%7.75%
Imotekh the Stormlord57.3%4.09%
Eliac Zephyrblade57.3%1.68%
Sylar Hexscorn55.6%3.78%
Marneus Calgar55.5%3.50%
Ghazghkull Thraka55.2%3.50%
Anvirr Keltoc53.5%2.30%
Haarken Worldclaimer53.1%17.48%
Medreyal Ghaelyn52.6%7.53%
Nemesor Zahndrekh52.6%8.14%
Orikan the Diviner52.4%2.35%
Warboss Gordrang51.9%0.90%
Varro Tigurius51.3%3.60%
Uriel Ventris50.2%14.08%
Boss Zagstruk49.6%1.49%
Grukk Face-Rippa48.5%7.80%
Terror of Vardenghast40.6%0.91%

Legendary Division Standouts

Even among legends, certain figures emerge as paragons of strength and strategy. Uriel Ventris, after claiming last month one of the top spots, has ascended now to the first position with an impressive 60.7% win rate. Following closely behind is Medreyal Ghaelyn, who has reached the second position with a win rate of 59.8%. Additionally, the Swarmlord reaffirms its status as the pinnacle of the Hive Tyrant bioform, boasting a formidable 57.4% win rate.

Uriel Ventris60.7%10.99%
Medreyal Ghaelyn59.8%10.65%
Anvirr Keltoc56.7%2.85%
Abaddon the Despoiler56.7%16.10%
Eliac Zephyrblade55.6%4.12%
Grukk Face-Rippa53.8%3.83%
Ghazghkull Thraka53.2%6.72%
Marneus Calgar52%7.34%
Imotekh the Stormlord49.4%7.37%
Warboss Gordrang47.7%2.24%
Boss Zagstruk44.3%0.70%
Haarken Worldclaimer44.2%3.73%
Orikan the Diviner44.2%0.80%
Sylar Hexscorn43.6%1.89%
Nemesor Zahndrekh43.4%1.60%
Terror of Vardenghast43.2%1.24%
Varro Tigurius40.1%1.85%

Warlord Draft Standouts

In the heat of the draft, mighty Warlords often contend for the top position. Abaddon the Despoiler has his claw sunk deep into the first position with a win rate of 58.4%, sharing it with Medreyal Ghaelyn. Despite losing the top spot, Ghazghkull remains an imposing force, capable of unleashing a frenzy of bloodshed with a win rate of 57.1%.

Abaddon the Despoiler58.4%9.90%
Medreyal Ghaelyn58.4%3.60%
Ghazghkull Thraka57.1%7.17%
Uriel Ventris56%4.18%
Warboss Gordrang55.1%2.21%
Eliac Zephyrblade54.4%5.56%
Sylar Hexscorn53.5%6.36%
Imotekh the Stormlord53.4%5.86%
Marneus Calgar52.5%5.91%
Haarken Worldclaimer51.8%10.30%
Nemesor Zahndrekh50.9%3.37%
Anvirr Keltoc48.2%2.52%
Grukk Face-Rippa47.8%4.62%
Varro Tigurius44.5%3.30%
Boss Zagstruk44.5%3.80%
Orikan the Diviner37.7%4.75%
Terror of Vardenghast35%4.61%

The march of conquest continues unabated, bringing a new chapter of conquest and glory. Stay ahead of the meta and select your faction and warlord wisely to carve your legend among the stars. Your troops eagerly await your command.

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