Prepare your Battlesuit: the T’au Empire is coming to Warpforge!

The fight for the Greater Good will begin soon in Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge with the arrival of the T’au Empire as an entirely new faction! Get ready to command their superior firepower against the enemies of the T’au’va. Check out the new teaser, and prepare to lead the fight for the Greater Good as an iconic new faction of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

UPDATE: The T’au Empire pre-sale is now live! Check out the webshop and get additional value and exclusive cosmetics with a selection of amazing deals.

That’s right! You can expect to be fighting for the Greater Good on 21st March! We will be unveiling more details on the new faction as we approach the release date, but for now, keep reading for some early details on what you can expect.

New faction, new mechanics

The T’au Empire comes equipped with new traits and mechanics, emulating the fighting doctrine they’re famed for in both the novels and the tabletop game. Mark your targets to deliver a swift killing blow, unleash hordes of drones or prime your cadres for Kauyon.

Leading the fight for the Greater Good requires superior reach and firepower, so the new Warlords of the T’au Empire will not only command Fire Warrior cadres into battle, but also powerful squadrons of battlesuits and anti-grav vehicles. Strike your enemies from afar, and control the flow of battle!

Card reveals coming soon

Some of your favourite content creators will soon receive a few of the cards that will comprise the initial T’au Empire card collection. The new cards will be unveiled progressively as we approach the release date, so stay tuned to be in the know about what’s coming into the game! We will soon share a schedule of when and where these card reveals will happen, so keep an eye on our official social media channels.

And much more!

All cadres are primed for Mont’ka, but this is all we can share with you at the moment. As in the past, we will also celebrate the new release with special rewards and in-game events. Are you ready to lead the fight for the Greater Good? Engage your battlesuit and prepare for launch!

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