The Closed Beta has begun!

“We have a great battle on our hands.”

– Uriel Ventris

Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge’s beta is in full swing, introducing the new Offence and Defence mechanic and the economic and progression systems into the game! With this update, the game’s core features are now available to everyone in the closed beta. This marks a new stage of the game’s development, charging forward towards its full release later this year. Let’s recap exactly what’s coming with the transition to the Closed Beta stage.

What to expect from the Closed Beta?

  • The full game with all of its core features in place (though there’s a lot more on the way!).
  • Progress in the Closed Beta will NOT carry over once the game is released.
  • All participants in the pre-release events of the game (including the Closed Beta), will receive an exclusive card back cosmetic once the game is released.
  • There are no real-money purchases available in the closed beta.
  • Participants in the Closed Alpha will receive an automatic update to the Closed Beta. They don’t need to restart the game or get a new key to take part.

What is coming next?

  • The game will soon receive an additional batch of content, with new cards for all armies.
  • There are likely to be several updates and balance patches over the next few days, as we iterate based on players’ feedback and bug reports.
  • We will soon announce the Early Access release date on Steam and important news about the mobile version!

A big wave of invites is on its way!

We will soon start sending many more invites to the game. If you have not yet received a key, your chance to join the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge is most likely not far away.

Just as a reminder, if you unsubscribed from the Warpforge newsletter in the past, the key WILL NOT reach your inbox. If you filled out the alpha access form a long time ago and you believe this is your case, please contact us at so we can check if you should have gotten an access key already. If you didn’t, this is the perfect chance for you to fill it out and join the waitlist!

The Closed Beta is now live for all players, are you ready to command your army to victory in the grim dark future?

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