The Adepta Sororitas join the game: scour the Galaxy with righteous fire!

“There shall be no mercy for the unworthy.”

– Morvenn Vahl

The Orders are now gathered, and the Sisters of Battle are ready to cleanse His domain from the faithless and the unclean! The Adepta Sororitas join the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge as a new faction later today, bringing new mechanics and strategies into the game. Keep reading to discover more about the new faction and how to collect it.

The Adepta Sororitas join the battle

In the sepulchre of battle, they are the Emperor’s most devoted warriors. In the reliquary of war, where heroes are made and zeal burns brightest, they are His will made manifest. They are the protectors of His creed and the enforcers of Mankind’s purification. With blessed fire, hallowed blades and righteous wrath, they will sing his praises amid a choir of angelic fury.

The Adepta Sororitas rank amongst the most dedicated and unwavering of the Imperium’s forces. Their conviction is unparalleled, and their willingness to kindle light among the darkest of shadows has been pivotal to snatching glorious Imperial victory from the jaws of defeat. These warriors train in body, mind and spirit to deliver the Emperor’s most righteous fury on the battlefield, and will not rest until all blight has been cleansed from His domain.

Take a look at the new cards

Check out the Adepta Sororitas full card collection here! Meet the new Warlords, Stratagems and Troops that will deliver the Emperor’s will on the battlefields of Warpforge. Take a peek at the full extent of the Adepta Sororitas collection to master their tactics in preparation for tomorrow’s release, and share your ideas in the #deck-building channel of the official Discord server.

If you would rather command them into battle right away, remember that by completing the first step of the Adepta Sororitas campaign, you can unlock a whole Starter Deck! Also, entering a Draft run using Blackstone will ensure that one Adepta Sororitas Warlord is available in the Warlord selection step. Command the Sisterhood to victory!

New Warlords

From the saints and heroes already accounted in the Orders’ stories, three powerful Warlords will take a stand and lead their sisters into battle against the mutant and the heretic:

  • Erika Luminas: Palatine Erika is a ferociously zealous and experienced war leader, frequently sent to far-flung crusading missions. She inspires her fellow Sisters to fervent acts of bravery.
  • Junith Eruita: Appointed Canoness Superior by the grace of the Emperor himself, Junith Eruita sweeps into battle riding within the Pulpit of Saint Holline’s Basilica wreathed in holy fire.
  • Morvenn Vahl: Aggressive, brash and taciturn, Morvenn Vahl leads the Adepta Sororitas from the front in an ancient Paragon Warsuit, smiting her foes with Fidelis and the Lance of Illumination.

New card mechanics

With the introduction of the Adepta Sororitas, three new traits also make their way into Warpforge! Get ready to take down your enemies through sheer conviction with:

  • Pray: units with this trait can Pray instead of attacking. You can make a unit Pray by doing the same action as if you were selecting if a unit should attack using their Melee or Ranged value. Instead, there will be a third option to select, which will trigger the Pray ability and make the unit focus on their prayer. A praying unit can lose their focus if they receive any damage, but if they can maintain the prayer until the next friendly turn, the player will earn 1 Faith point.
  • Faith: some cards activate additional abilities or change their behaviour if the player has accrued sufficient Faith points. Keep in mind that Faith points are not spent, so to activate these additional effects a player only needs to have accrued the number of Faith points specified in the card.
  • Penitence: units with Penitence activate an ability after they receive any damage, even if this damage destroys the unit.

How to start collecting them

Take advantage of pre-release and release-day deals to get extra value when collecting the new faction! The Adepta Sororitas joins the game as an entirely new faction, so the new cards will be collectable by similar means to the existing factions.

  • Adepta Sororitas Booster Packs, each including 5 Adepta Sororitas cards, with at least one of them of rare or higher quality.
  • All Armies Booster Packs have a chance at yielding Adepta Sororitas cards while opening them.
  • Get AMAZING VALUE with the exclusive Morvenn Vahl DLC available only on Steam from the start of Warhammer Skulls! Purchasing this DLC will instantly add Morvenn Vahl, 10 Adepta Sororitas Booster Packs and the “Paragon Warsuit” avatar into your account.
  • Get the Premium Campaign at the best price with one of the two time-limited bundles available in the Webshop. Take your first steps on the battlefield with the Starter bundle or command a mighty Sisters of Battle deck on the day of release with the Canoness bundle! Check out all the info in the Pre-sale web post.
  • New Twitch Drops campaign. Watch your favourite content creators play Warpforge and earn amazing rewards while at it. Check out all the information below.
  • From the 24th May onward, the new Adepta Sororitas cards will make frequent appearances in the shop. Every day there will be new cards for sale, so keep your eyes peeled!

New Promo Code and Cosmetic

Celebrate the new release and begin your fight for the Emperor’s Grace with a new promotional code. Input promo code “SORORITAS” in-game after the Adepta Sororitas have released to receive 2 Adepta Sororitas Booster Packs for free! If you do not have the option to claim promo codes in-game, remember that you can do it from the website as well.

And if you want to start commanding the hallowed blades of the Emperor in style, head over to the Web Shop after the release to claim a free cosmetic avatar! Both of these promotions will be available until 3rd June, so don’t miss your chance to collect free goodies!

New Twitch Drops campaign

A new Twitch Drops campaign will go live after the new faction’s release! Until 3rd June, watch Warpforge streams to earn rewards themed around the new faction! Earn exclusive in-game cosmetics and Adepta Sororitas packs while watching your favourite Warpforge streams on Twitch.

Make sure you’re ready by linking your Twitch and Warpforge accounts, check out how in the Twitch Drops breakdown web post. More details on this Twitch Drops campaign will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

The Orders of the Adepta Sororitas are ready for battle! Ignite the flames of conviction and conquer your enemies through sheer force of will!

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