Prepare for battle with exclusive T’au Empire pre-sale bundles

“Let none doubt that now is our time.”

– Aun’va

The T’au are almost here, it’s time to plan the killing blow! Check out the webshop and discover the new T’au Empire pre-sale, featuring bonus booster packs and exclusive cosmetics. Don’t miss this chance to get ahead of the curve and earn extra value with these pre-sale deals in the Warpforge webshop!

Two big value deals

Choose which pre-sale packages suits your playstyle better and get 5 additional booster packs with it! Will you choose to take a first step with the Starter bundle, including the Premium Campaign and the 5 additional booster packs? Or will you instead choose the Commander bundle and lead the T’au Empire to victory in the fight for the Greater Good?

While the Starter bundle is a fantastic way to collect the new faction at your own leisure, the Commander bundle is perfect to command a mighty T’au deck on the day of release, granting a grand total of:

  • T’au Empire Premium Campaign
  • 30 T’au Empire booster packs
  • Exclusive ‘T’au Empire’ Card Back
  • Exclusive ‘Crisis Battlesuit’ Avatar
  • Exclusive ‘Disciple of Puretide’ Title

What else is available?

Besides the new T’au Empire pre-sale, the webshop has been outfitted with great value deals for content already available in the game!

Stock up on gold with deals offering a minimum of 10% extra gold than usual, perfect to prepare for the arrival of the new faction, or get an instant collection with big booster pack bundles for the factions you know and love (to either play or krump on the battlefield!), including 5 additional booster packs.

These webshop gold and booster pack deals are limited to a weekly maximum, so come by the webshop regularly to check out on new deals and always get the best bang for your buck!

How to use the webshop

To make a purchase on the webshop, make sure your in-game account is registered with email and password. Log into the webshop with that same email and password and any purchases will be delivered to your account.

When will I be able to claim my purchase?

Webshop purchases become available the next time you log into the game after the purchase via an inbox message with a “Claim” button. In the case of a presale, this button will be disabled until the moment the new content joins the game on 21st March. Please keep in mind that it might take a few minutes for your game to gain access to the new content and that you might need to update your game before claiming it.

Set your aims high and fly even higher with your own Battlesuit squadron. The T’au Empire will be here soon, so get ready for Mont’ka!

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