Explore the latest Adepta Sororitas videos in our Community Spotlight!

“Under His light, all shadows will wither.”

– Morvenn Vahl

Following the recent release of the Adepta Sororitas faction, content creators have been hard at work exploring the game’s new strategies, deck builds, and gameplay tactics. Here are some of their latest videos that you don’t want to miss:

Sisters of Battle First Impressions by Long Tim

Long Tim dives into the deck-building strategies for the Sisters of Battle, providing insights and first impressions on how to optimize your playstyle with this new faction.

Warlord tier list by The Ecclesiarch

Join The Ecclesiarch as he ranks the Warlords, giving you a comprehensive tier list to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each leader.

Ladder challenge: Four Warlords by bjthebrave

It’s a new meta! Bjthebrave takes four different Legendary Warlords on a ladder challenge against other players to see who can rack up the most wins!

(ES) Command the Sisters of Battle with Todo Estrategia

Todo Estrategia brings the wrath of the Emperor to Warpforge with the Sisters of Battle, exploring the faction’s potential and providing strategies for Spanish-speaking fans.

(ES) Sisters of Battle arrive in Warpforge by Sir Khan

Sir Khan celebrates the arrival of the Sisters of Battle in Warpforge, highlighting their impact on the game and offering gameplay tips to help you get started with this new faction.

The journey with the Adepta Sororitas has just begun, and these are just a few of the content creators who have shared their excitement and expertise with the community. Make sure to check out their channels for more detailed guides and gameplay videos.

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