The reigning factions resist the Sororitas’ first strike in a new meta

It’s time for a new meta report! May’s season ended, and we are ready to take a look into the data from last month of competitive play. The Adepta Sororitas have just joined the battlefields of Warpforge, and even though their reception has been positive, they are yet to leave a mark in the ranks. The T’au Empire’s dominance has slightly relented, but their warriors still fight furiously to expand their Sphere of Expansion.

Keep reading to take a deeper look into how last month’s meta looked, and get ready for a new month of competitive challenges!

Faction rankings

One more month, the T’au Empire fought for the Greater Good with great success, achieving a massive win rate. The Adepta Sororitas, as the newest contenders, still have not found their footing on this battlefield, but their success has slowly trended up since their introduction. Still, their first weeks of fighting have brought into light a few flaws that will soon be mended.

Black Legion57.07%25.3%
T’au Empire60.76%11.1%
Adepta Sororitas36.82%12.0%

The Legendary Division standings pretty much mirror the global ones. The Black Legion keeps being the most popular faction in the game, with Guilliman’s finest achieving a nice second spot when their use rate grew during this month. Interestingly, Saim-Hann’s use rate is significantly higher in the higher echelons and has also achieved better results from last month. Are we at the start of an Aeldari resurgence or will this be but an outlier?

Black Legion53.24%23.4%
T’au Empire60.70%10.3%
Adepta Sororitas31.11%7.2%

Global Warlord Standouts

It seems the mighty few have crushed the many! Many Warlords’ win rates have risen to a staggering number, with Shadowsun, Imotekh and the Swarmlord standing at the very top. O’Maisos and Aun’va have also been greatly successful and much more popular choices, pushing the T’au Empire’s dominance ever further. Among the new contenders, Morvenn Vahl and Junith Eruita have had a better showing on the ladder than Erika Luminas. They might not be there yet, but their zeal will surely help them persevere!

Unfortunately, this month’s data will be slightly warped by the growing number of bots that are exploiting the ranked ladder. We are aware of this issue and share your frustration, and are working on a solution to put an end to the non-competition plaguing the lower ranks.

Imotekh the Stormlord643.30%
Marneus Calgar633.72%
Abaddon the Despoiler62.65.16%
Ghazghkull Thraka62.41.25%
Varro Tigurius61.13.37%
Sylar Hexscorn60.72.53%
Warboss Gordrang60.41.15%
Commander O’Maisos60.17.73%
Eliac Zephyrblade60.11.05%
Terror of Vardenghast59.80.54%
Anvirr Keltoc59.40.86%
Orikan the Diviner591.37%
Boss Zagstruk57.80.98%
Morvenn Vahl56.51.46%
Haarken Worldclaimer54.613.75%
Ghallaron the Pious53.91.13%
Nemesor Zahndrekh53.18.25%
Junith Eruita51.31.18%
Grukk Face-Rippa48.95.63%
Medreyal Ghaelyn48.15.32%
Uriel Ventris47.410.02%
Erika Luminas31.28.08%

Legendary Division Warlord Standouts

This month, the Legendary standouts will probably show a more accurate depiction of the general ranked ladder. The Swarmlord has leapt to the very top with a massive resurgence, and even toppling Aun’Va to the second spot. All T’au Warlords again show up in the top positions, but Gordrang and Ghaelyn have found much higher success among the elite, with their strategies being more favoured against the top play patterns of last month.

Warboss Gordrang59.63.16%
Commander O’Maisos584.25%
Marneus Calgar5811.50%
Abaddon the Despoiler57.812.61%
Medreyal Ghaelyn57.77.25%
Imotekh the Stormlord57.49.34%
Ghazghkull Thraka56.32.21%
Eliac Zephyrblade53.82.78%
Sylar Hexscorn53.21.69%
Anvirr Keltoc52.21.32%
Varro Tigurius525.09%
Terror of Vardenghast51.70.55%
Ghallaron the Pious49.41.79%
Uriel Ventris47.82.63%
Grukk Face-Rippa47.51.68%
Orikan the Diviner46.31.29%
Nemesor Zahndrekh45.44.19%
Haarken Worldclaimer44.55.73%
Morvenn Vahl42.81.77%
Boss Zagstruk42.70.61%
Junith Eruita321.09%
Erika Luminas25.43.82%

Draft Warlord Standouts

The T’au menace continues in draft mode! Even if significantly lower than during April, the T’au success rate in draft remains very high. This time, however, they are joined in the very high spots by the Saim-Hann Aeldari, gatekeeping other factions from entering the top 5. Calgar and the Sautekh Dynasty will have to bide for their time and push even further during next month!

Commander O’Maisos60.76.88%
Eliac Zephyrblade563.40%
Medreyal Ghaelyn55.72.36%
Marneus Calgar554.80%
Imotekh the Stormlord554.68%
Nemesor Zahndrekh54.33.76%
Abaddon the Despoiler53.96.05%
Haarken Worldclaimer51.84.38%
Warboss Gordrang50.93.69%
Junith Eruita49.94.24%
Varro Tigurius49.73.16%
Ghazghkull Thraka48.73.12%
Uriel Ventris48.43.82%
Grukk Face-Rippa47.81.60%
Morvenn Vahl45.84.72%
Erika Luminas45.63.88%
Ghallaron the Pious45.65.68%
Anvirr Keltoc45.31.59%
Orikan the Diviner45.22.42%
Terror of Vardenghast44.93.04%
Sylar Hexscorn44.24.52%
Boss Zagstruk40.82.53%

May’s season is over, and June brings a second chance for the Adepta Sororitas to make their mark. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming content, and be ready to adapt your strategy as a new month full of challenges begins!

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