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Discover the latest improvements and the roadmap ahead!

“Let the dance of death begin!”

– Eliac Zephyrblade

Update v1.8.0 is now live on all platforms! This update’s main focus is the rework of the daily mission system, but it includes many improvements, such as mobile performance optimization and bug fixes. Take a look at the complete list of changes below.

New features

  • Reworked the Missions system. Daily Missions can now be queued, so that you only need to play once a day to maximize your progress, rather than multiple times each day. After completing the initial Onboarding Missions, three Daily Missions are immediately available, and an additional one becomes available every 4 hours. You can have up to 3 Daily Missions available simultaneously, and up to 3 additional Missions can be ‘queued’, so that they become immediately available as soon as you complete one.
  • Moreover, Daily Missions will no longer rotate automatically while they are incomplete. They will remain available until they are either completed, or re-rolled by you by spending some Crystals.
  • You can now change language while in battle, including during the tutorial.
  • Prepared the game for upcoming Black Friday deals!

Quality of Life

  • When you have a Weekly Challenge ready to collect, if you complete any Daily Missions before collecting it will count towards the next Weekly Challenge instead of being ‘wasted’.
  • The music volume setting now controls the volume of the loading screen video.
  • Performance improvements to save battery and memory use, which should also prevent memory-related crashes on mobile devices.
  • Enabled push notifications on Android.

Bug fixes

  • Update the Black Legion campaign to replace an Epic card which appeared twice as a reward (Gifts of Chaos). One instance has now been changed to Spawndom.
  • Fix serious errors that could occur while showing the enemy card back.
  • The Daily Login Bonus will no longer count towards the Weekly Challenge.

Early Access Roadmap

What comes next? The next few months are going to be intense!

  • The last few days of November will bring an upgraded Content Creator program and Black Friday offers.
  • December will be the month when the first ranked season begins, after one more balance patch and several important bug fixes to ensure the best possible competitive environment.
  • The first quarter of 2024 will bring even more major features, in particular the Alliances system.
  • Moreover, a whole new faction will be released early in the year! Which one will it be? Stay tuned to find out soon!

Update v1.8.0 is now live, and Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge keeps getting better! Join the fray, and get ready for the first ranked season and all the exciting new features and content on the way!

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