Check out all the new features and changes in v1.7.0!

“Activating reanimation protocol.”

– Necron Technomancer

Update v1.7.0 is now live on all platforms, introducing a new feature to test your decks, quality of life improvements and a new Promo code among others. This is the latest in a longer list of updates that have gone live over the last week introducing new features, improvements and ironing out issues, particularly in the game’s mobile version.

Read on to catch up on the most important changes that have made their way into the game and learn how to claim a free new Avatar cosmetic!

New features

  • New ‘practice’ mode to test your decks against a random bot before taking them into multiplayer. From the Decks menu in Collection, just open your deck and use the Practice button next to Edit Deck. These matches also count towards Missions!
  • New custom interactions between some warlords at the start of the match. Can you find them all?
  • A new website allows all players to redeem promotional codes! There’s no longer any need to contact Support on devices that don’t offer that feature. Register your account in-game (the same process that was explained here) with an email and password, and then you can login on this page with those details and redeem any valid code:
  • The Cosmetics Shop has been removed from the game. We are working on other ways of obtaining them in the game. Read on to find out how to get a free avatar today!

‘Quality of life’ improvements

  • The turn timer now starts the countdown when there are 15 seconds left, instead of 10.
  • Improved mobile interface in battle, so that the stats of cards in hand are visible.
  • Improved support for widescreen ratios between 19.5:9 and 22:9.
  • Improved Steam Deck compatibility, making mobile UI active by default. The cursor will show only when the ‘Touch Input’ toggle is disabled in Settings.
  • Expanded FAQ with answers to many new questions about progression, interactions between traits and more. The FAQ will soon be translated into all languages supported by the game.

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed a visual bug on Necron remnants on Android, caused by a compatibility problem with certain graphic cards.
  • The game’s performance has been optimised significantly, to reduce battery use and to improve the frame rate in low-spec devices.
  • Makari has been fixed, as it was not always applying his buff after being killed by Shuriken.
  • Burna Boy’s damage has been fixed, as it was always dealing 2 damage before.
  • Improved error handling to manage some edge cases which could leave the game on a black screen instead of showing the main menu after loading.

Avatar gift

We are giving away an amazing Avatar cosmetic to all players: the Remnant!

It is a token of gratitude for your patience while we fixed the various issues on mobile, particularly the game-breaking visual problem with Remnants, and for having to update the game several times.

To get this avatar, redeem the code ‘REMNANT’ in-game or in the new website before the end of November to gain this unique cosmetic item.

What’s coming next?

We are currently looking into the Daily Mission system and are planning several changes the feature that should be coming fairly soon, together with other improvements. Stay tuned to learn more about these!

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