The first Closed Alpha begins!

“Let the dance of death begin”

– Eliac Zephyrblade

The Warhammer 40.000: Warpforge Closed Alpha period has begun. If you have not yet received your invite, fear not! Over the coming days and weeks, we will invite more players to join in and start their journey of galactic warfare. If you have not signed up yet, FILL OUT THIS FORM to join the waitlist and enter the battlefields of the far future.

You will also be able to gain access to the Closed Alpha by interacting with us and selected partners in social media, so stay tuned! In the meantime, let’s take a look at what is available in the Closed Alpha.


In the past, players fought by selecting a deck within a limited selection of pre-constructed decks. For the first time, players have the option to fully customize the decks they will command unto the battlefields of the far future.

When a new commander begins their journey in Warhammer 40.000: Warpforge, they will automatically receive in their account an Ultramarine starter deck led by Uriel Ventris, the basic Warlord for each other faction and a large amount of gold. The starter deck will give players their first taste of action in the field, but experienced commanders might prefer to use the gold to purchase booster packs and unlock new cards to lead into battle!

Expanding a collection

The main way to acquire new cards is via booster packs in the shop. Every booster pack contains 5 cards, with at least one of them being of rare or higher quality. There are two types of booster packs available at the time:

  • ‘All armies’ boosters: these packs contain 5 cards randomly selected from all the available factions, the perfect way to steadily grow your collection.
  • Army-specific boosters: if you want to focus on a particular army, these boosters contain 5 cards from one of the available armies and are the best way to unlock all of its available strategies.

Please note that collection progress during the Closed Alpha will NOT be saved. Once the alpha is over, all collections will be reset.

Will you pledge loyalty to your favoured faction or command them all into glorious victory? Expand your collection and build the deck of your dreams!

Climb the Leaderboard

Are you itching for a good scrap? Enter the battlefield and prove your martial superiority to ascend through the ELO-style rating system of the leaderboard. Try to reach the highest division at a 2000 rating! Please note that same as with collection progress, your rating will not carry over once the game is released, and may also need to be reset at some point during the closed alpha or beta phases.

Earn performance-based rewards 

Losing a game should not mean you get nothing. Earn skulls during battle by taking the enemy Warlord’s health down to certain thresholds to get higher rewards in case of defeat. Bring the enemy down to 20 health to secure your first skull and 10 health to get the second one. Match victory will earn you the third reward skull, so always give your all in battle to get the most rewards!

Every battle other than tutorial battles and direct duels is a new opportunity to earn significant rewards. These rewards are currently tuned up to make it easy to build and test new decks and strategies. They will change significantly once other progression mechanics are added to the game.

Balance changes

There are a number of balance changes based on the results of the latest demo, primarily focused on the Saim-Hann faction. This is the first time players will be able to create personalised decks, so we are expecting to do more balance changes while the closed alpha is active.

How do I sign up?

Fill in the form if you haven’t yet. We will reach out by email over the next few days. There will also be opportunities to get codes from your favourite content creators – stay tuned to the Discord server or to our accounts on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook for more information on that!

Are you ready to join the battlefields of the far future? Your journey of galactic warfare begins here!

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