Update v0.6 release notes

A new update is now live, introducing many improvements focused on User Experience and game balance, including measures to make it easier to play against human opponents. The Closed Alpha and player feedback is proving a fundamental help in shaping the game to its greatest form before release. Do you want to take part in the Closed Alpha? Join the waitlist by filling out this form!

This is still only the second update we have done during this Alpha period, so there’s much more to come! Take a look at the complete list of changes below.

User Experience

Revamped ‘Inbox‘ window, now able to show multiple announcements, in different languages.
Improved ‘Settings‘ menu, with the ability to disable bots in multiplayer and to change from full screen to windowed mode.
Added an auto-translate feature to global chat; just click on a message to translate it!
New ‘Play’ button, to try to make it easier for new players to find the main menu.
Adapted the matchmaking system so it’s easier to find human opponents.
Many other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Balance Changes

Based on the game analytics so far, the Saim-Hann and Necrons are proving superior to the other armies, while the Goff Orks are clearly falling behind. The differences aren’t enormous though, so we are making some targeted changes to some of the most and least used cards, as well as a few rarity tweaks to make it easier or harder to build certain deck lists.

We will keep reviewing the analytics and player feedback, and the remaining armies are also likely to receive minor changes in future updates.


Da Green Horde: Increased rarity from ‘Rare’ to ‘Epic’.
● Ork Encampment: Changed description “Give Camouflage and Armor 1 to your troops”. Increased rarity from ‘Common’ to ‘Rare’.
● Sawbonez (Painboy Sniklaw’s talent): Changed ability to be able to target enemies.
● ‘Ardshell Gurk: Increased Ranged attack from 4 to 5.
● Scrag Em’: Changed description to “Give Flank to a friendly troop. If it’s a Vehicle, give it Vanguard as well”.
● Proper Killy: Lowered rarity from ‘Epic’ to ‘Rare’.


● Canoptek Spider: Changed ‘Artifice’ ability to deploy only 1 Canoptek Scarab instead of 2, and increased Melee attack from 2 to 3
● Scythe Assault: Lowered damage from 2-4 to 2-3
● Curse of the Phaeron: Lowered ‘Vulnerable’ amount granted from 5 to 4


● Windrider: Lowered Melee attack from 1 to 0
● Swooping Hawk: Lowered Ranged attack from 3 to 2
● Falcon: Lowered Melee attack from 3 to 2

Many more updates will make their way into the game over the following weeks of the Closed Alpha! We’re taking both statistics and player feedback into consideration, so feel encouraged to make your voice be heard either via emailing us at warpforge40k@everguild.com or sharing your opinions in the game’s official Discord and Reddit servers.

If you’re ready to jump into action as soon as the game’s released, remember that the best way to be notified is either by wishlisting the game on Steam and pre-ordering it on the Apple Store or by joining the game’s newsletter and following us on social media!

These changes are already in the game, launch the game and conquer the battlefields of the far future!

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