Incoming Reinforcement Drop! Get ready to stomp some gits

The Goff Orks are riled up and ready for a new brawl! Grab your choppa, load up your biggest dakka and get ready to turn the stars green in the new Reinforcement Drop: Gordrang’s Gitstompas coming into the game this Thursday, 22nd February! Are you ready to lead the choppiest boyz to ever chop? Keep reading to learn all that’s coming!

There’s a new Warboss in town!

Lunging head-first into battle to fight and win, Warboss Gordrang is the newest Warlord to join the Goff Orks collection. This Warlord wields his ‘Uge Choppa like no other, and is ready to carve a path through enemy lines! But he won’t be alone in the brawl, that would be no fun. Together with the new Warboss, this Reinforcement Drop also includes 10 new Troops and Stratagems for the Goff Orks. Da bigger da fight, da betta!

How to collect the new cards

Reinforcement Drop: Gordrang’s Gitstompas will arrive on Thursday, 22nd February. Around noon UTC the new content will become available in the game, and the new cards will be available to collect. Check out how you will be able to collect the new content:

  • Get the best value and cleave through the new cards with NEW GOFF ORKS BUNDLES featuring the new cards and exclusive cosmetics, including an offer containing all of the new content.
  • Goff Orks and All Armies BOOSTER PACKS will have a chance to yield Reinforcement Drop: Gordrang’s Gitstompas cards.
  • Goff Orks WILDCARDS can be exchanged for Reinforcement Drop: Gordrang’s Gitstompas cards.

PLEASE NOTE! Shortly before the new content releases, you will be able to see the new cards in the collection. Even though they appear in the game, they will NOT become collectable and start appearing in booster packs until around noon UTC on the 22nd February. Keep an eye on your in-game inbox, a message will confirm once the new content becomes available in booster packs!

Brawl in draft mode to celebrate the release

Play with the new Goff cards in draft mode! The Ork Waagh! will charge into draft mode after the Reinforcement Drop releases to krump every git in their path. To celebrate the new release, booster packs included in draft rewards have a chance to be Goff Orks Booster Packs instead of All Armies Booster Packs until 4th March.

Many surprises await on the Reinforcement Drop’s release day, including an exclusive new PROMO CODE. Stay tuned to learn more about it!

Can you feel the ground rumbling? Then get ready for a good krumpin! Gordrang and his Gitstompas are almost here, prepare to crunch and stomp and smash in the Goffs’ biggest Warpforge brawl yet!

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