Gordrang’s Gitstompas charge into the game in Update v1.9.0!

A savage chanting roars throughout the void, growing larger and louder with every passing minute. A chanting that cannot be unheard, that pursues every listener it reaches. A chanting that goes “‘Ere we go! ‘Ere we go! ‘Ere we go!” as Gordrang’s Gitstompas join the battlefield today in a new Reinforcement Drop! Get ready to collect these krump-thirsty boyz into battle today with amazing high-value offers, a new promo code and more in celebration of the new release. Keep reading for more details:

New content

With update v1.9.0, the game is now prepared for the arrival of the new Goff Orks Reinforcement Drop. This content release adds a new Warlord and 10 new collectable cards to make the Goff faction’s game plan even more brutal and kunnin’. Read the Reinforcement Drop’s announcement to learn how to collect the new cards. Take a look at the announcement here!

New Bundle Deals

The new release also brings with it a trove of new bundle deals to celebrate the orky savagery that is about to be unbound:

  • Gordrang’s Boy bundle: Become Gordrang’s Boy and gather your WAAAGH with a new booster pack bundle, including an exclusive avatar.
  • ‘Uge Choppa bundle: Unlock all of the new cards into your collection in one fell swoop with this deal! Get the ‘Uge Choppa package and immediately add all cards introduced with Gordrang’s Gitstompas to your collection.
  • ‘Ard as Nails bundle: Collect everything and more! The ‘Ard as Nails bundle unlocks all of Gordrang’s Gitstompas cards, together with an exclusive themed Card Back, Avatar and Title.

New Promo Code

Celebrate the new release and begin your gitstompin’ career with a new promotional code. Input promo code “GORDRANG” in-game to receive 2 Goff Orks Booster Packs and gather your very own WAAAGH. Only until 4th March! The new Goff Orks Reinforcement Drop: Gordrang’s Gitstompas cards are now included in booster packs, so don’t miss this chance to claim these new brutal brawlers!

New Twitch Drops

A new Twitch Drops campaign is live! Until 4th March, watch Warpforge streams to earn rewards themed around the new reinforcement drop! Earn exclusive in-game cosmetics and booster packs while watching your favourite Warpforge streams on Twitch.

Make sure you’re ready by linking your Twitch and Warpforge accounts, check out how in the Twitch Drops breakdown web post. More details on this Twitch Drops campaign will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Warboss Gordrang and his Gitstompas are now live! Lead the charge from the front lines and join the biggest brawl the Galaxy has ever seen. WAAAGH!!

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