Bask under the Emperor’s light! The Adepta Sororitas receive balance changes

A new season has begun! The release of a new faction always shakes up competitive play, so we are keen on not doing big changes right after such updates. However, even though the Adepta Sororitas were well received by the community, their first efforts in the ranked ladder have shed light on a few areas in which the new faction struggles.

This update focuses on the Adepta Sororitas, to make them more fun and competitive in ranked play. It also introduces a new system to cull the bots plaguing the ladder and other bug fixes. Do not falter, and take command of the Sisters of Battle today!


We have introduced an early version of a new system that aims to remove the bot population from the game. These bots resign at the start of every match, creating a frustrating game loop in which players in low ranks are forced to start multiple matches to play a single one.

Bug Fixes

  • Pulse Onslaught can now target Remnants & Spirit Stones
  • Defenders of the Faith now longer counts enemy Remnants and Spirit Stones
  • Fix VFX position for Sister Novitiate’s pray ability

Adepta Sororitas

  • Fury of the Righteous: Lower Faith requirement from 4 to 3
  • Celestian: Increase Health from 3 to 4
  • Sister Repentia: Change description to “When this unit kills an enemy, gain 1 Faith. Penitence: Gain +2 Melee”
  • Dominion: Lower Ranged from 4 to 3 and increase Health from 3 to 4
  • Hospitaller: Increase Health from 4 to 5. Increase Heal from 2 to 3
  • Dialogus: Increase Ranged Attack from 2 to 3 and change description to “Pray: Give Vanguard and +2 Melee to a friendly troop”
  • Retributor: Change description to “(2 Faith) Deal 3 damage to a random enemy troop” (instead of any enemy, for 3 Faith)
  • Seraphim: Change description to “Flying. Flank (3 Faith) Gain +1 Ranged and +1 Health”
  • Simulacrum Celestian: Change description to “Pray: Give +1 Melee and +1 Ranged to a friendly unit” (permanent, instead of only until your next turn)
  • Ephrael Stern: Change description to “Camouflage. Pray: Deal 2-3 damage. If the target is dies, gain 1 Faith”
  • Immolator: Increase Melee from 4 to 6 and Health from 8 to 9
  • Fiery Conviction: Change description to “Give +2 Melee to your units until your next turn. (5 Faith) Give them +3 Health as well.”
  • Rite of Restoration: Change description to “Choose a friendly troop that died since your last turn and deploy it”
  • Trial of Suffering: Change description to “Deal 1 damage to a friendly troop and give it Armour 1. (2 Faith) Give Armour 2 instead” (instead of 3 Faith)
  • Relics of Saint Katherine: Lower cost from 5 to 4
  • Imperial Creed: Lower Faith requirement from 8 to 6
  • Shrineworld: Change description to “Draw 3 cards. For each Troop drawn, gain 1 Faith”

These changes will be going live shortly. Change your deck, plan your strategy and prepare to conquer the battlefield. Good luck, commander!

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