Muster your forces with exclusive pre-sale bundles!

Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge is marching in full swing towards its Early Access release! Be prepared to immediately lead your favourite armies into the battlefield on release with amazing value packs, available for pre-sale in the new webshop. Don’t miss this chance to get ahead of the curve and get booster packs and cosmetic rewards at discounted prices. Keep reading to learn how the webshop works and all about the items found in pre-sale bundles and exactly what they are.

How to buy in the pre-sale

Once in the webshop, simply select the item you wish to purchase. A screen will pop up asking for your payment details. After finishing the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email straight away. Once the game is released, you will receive another email, containing the code that you can redeem in-game, in the Settings menu, to add the purchased content to your account.
If at any point you come across any problem regarding the purchase or redeeming of your codes, contact us at and we will find a way to resolve the issue.

All-Army packs and Army-specific packs

These booster packs will be waiting for you to crack them open and add their contents to your collection as soon as the game’s released. Every pack contains 5 cards, with at least 1 of them being from a Rare quality or higher.

All-Army booster packs can include cards from any of the game’s armies, so they are an excellent way to both begin your collection and push your deck-building possibilities to the maximum. 

If, on the other hand, you’re a fan of one or a few specific armies and want to focus on collecting those, Army-specific packs might be just what you need. There’s a different one for each of the game’s armies, and you will see them listed in the shop as, for example, “Ultramarine booster packs” or “Goff booster packs”. The advantage of these packs is that they can only contain cards from one particular faction, so they are the best way to give a big push towards completing one army’s collection.

Premium Army Campaign Track

Premium Campaigns are unique to each army, and they are the best way to speed up your progress with it and obtain the most rewards over time. They add an additional layer of rewards that will be unlocked as you progress through that army’s campaign, starting with a Legendary Wildcard on the very first node! The campaign tracks are not time-restricted in any manner, so you will always earn these additional rewards eventually.

The Premium Campaign also gives you 200 campaign points every day, as part of your Daily Bonus. This boosts your progress passively, without you having to do anything other than log in and collect it, regardless of which army’s campaign you have currently selected.

Titles and Card Backs

As an additional bonus to purchasing any presale item in the webshop, you will be receiving amazing cosmetics, marking your dedication to the game and the armies of the 41st Millennium. You will be able to set up these cosmetics in-game while editing your profile to give your deck the look and feel you wish during your games.

Reserved Usernames Bundles

For each army, a unique army bundle is available including a reserved username available only to the person who acquires it, as well as an exclusive title cosmetic. These usernames represent some of the most iconic figures in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and also the rarest Warlords available in the game. Only one copy of these bundles exists, so as soon as the stocks are out, that’s it!

These bundles also include a copy of the titular Warlord card and a large number of faction packs to start commanding a grand army from the very beginning. Beyond that, you will also unlock an amazing avatar and card back to theme your whole deck around the titular character. Please note that both the avatar and the card back can also be purchased separately in-game and are not exclusive to this bundle, but rather an early unlock.

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