The T’au Empire enters Warpforge: join the fight for the greater good!

“No deed is unworthy. No sacrifice is in vain.”

– Shadowsun

All cadres are primed for Mont’ka, the T’au Empire is ready to deliver the killing blow as it joins the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge. The T’au Empire joins the game tomorrow 21st March around noon UTC as the first new faction since the game’s Early Access release. Keep reading to discover all the new content and improvements that enter the game with the new update.

The T’au Empire joins the battle

Relative newcomers to the galactic struggle, this xenos race might appear naive, but by the time the hunter cadres of the T’au Empire surge into battle, their commanders already know the surest path to victory. From the first shot fired, the T’au demonstrate strategic coordination and unity of purpose so powerful that they are weapons in their own right.

Among their forces, it is ever the battlesuits that deliver the most punishing blows. These single-pilot war suits drop from the skies on plumes of fire, vanish behind layers of advanced camouflage or supercharge their systems with experimental reactors, all while laying down devastating fusillades of fire. So have countless worlds fallen to the Empire, and so will all be brought (willing or otherwise) into the light of the T’au’va.

Take a look at the new cards

Check out the T’au Empire’s full card collection here! Meet the new Warlords, Stratagems and Troops that will spread the light of the T’au’va in the battlefields of Warpforge. Take a peek at the full extent of the T’au Empire’s collection to master their tactics in preparation for tomorrow’s release, and share your ideas in the #deck-building channel of the official Discord server.

New Warlords

Young as their Empire is, many T’au heroes are already counted among their legends, inspiring new generations of leaders and commanders. Among them, three of their most renowned heroes will lead the Empire’s Cadres into battle at the time of release:

  • Commander O’Maisos: An exemplar among the Fire Warriors of the Vior’la Sept, this hot-blooded commander hurls herself into battle inside her XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit.
  • Aun’va: Aun’Va is the oldest and highest-ranking of the Ethereal Council. His voice is law across the entire T’au Empire. His hand is visible in many of his people’s greatest achievements.
  • Shadowsun: Clad in her highly advanced XV22 Stalker Battlesuit, Commander O’Shaserra employs her strategic genius to orchestrate elaborate plans, destroying the enemy’s most valuable assets.

New card mechanics

With the introduction of the T’au Empire, three new traits also make their way into Warpforge! Get ready to target and delete your enemies from afar and deploy swarms of drones with:

  • Long Range: units with this trait receive no damage when performing a Ranged Attack. They will lose Long Range after receiving an enemy attack, so protect them to get insane value!
  • Markerlight: When a Marked enemy receives damage from a Ranged Attack, it will receive additional damage equal to its Markerlight value, helping the T’au to perform efficient kills.
  • Companion: After playing a troop with a Companion, the player will receive an Ephemeral copy of the troop designated by the trait. This troop can be played as many times as the number specified on the card. So, for example, playing a troop with “Companion 2: Gun Drone” will add a Gun Drone to the player’s hand that can be played up to 2 times. Same as with Tide, this card only lasts until the end of the turn, so make use of it while you can!

How to start collecting them

Take advantage of pre-release and release-day deals to get extra value when collecting the new faction! The T’au Empire joins the game as an entirely new faction, so the new cards will be collectable by similar means to the existing factions.

  • T’au Empire Booster Packs, each including 5 T’au Empire cards, with at least one of them of rare or higher quality.
  • All Armies Booster Packs have a chance at yielding T’au Empire cards while opening them.
  • Get AMAZING VALUE by choosing one of the two time-limited bundles, both featuring the T’au Empire Premium Campaign. Take your first steps on the battlefield with the Starter bundle or command a mighty T’au deck on the day of release with the Commander bundle! Check out all the info in the Pre-sale web post.
  • Exclusive T’au Empire high-value booster bundles available in the Web Shop.
  • New Twitch Drops campaign. Watch your favourite content creators play Warpforge and earn amazing rewards while at it. Check out all the information below.
  • From the 22nd March onward, the new T’au Empire cards will make frequent appearances in the shop. Every day there will be new cards for sale, so keep your eyes peeled!

New Promo Code and Cosmetic

Celebrate the new release and begin your fight for the Greater Good with a new promotional code. Input promo code “GREATERGOOD” in-game after the T’au Empire is released to receive 2 T’au Empire Booster Packs for free! But free boosters are not enough to start your T’au Empire deck in style. To celebrate the new faction’s release, visit the Web Shop from the 22nd March onward and claim a free exclusive cosmetic for your account. For the Greater Good!

If you do not have the option to claim promo codes in-game, remember that you can do it from the website as well. Both of these promotions will be available until 4th April, so don’t miss your chance to collect free goodies!

New Twitch Drops campaign

A new Twitch Drops campaign is live! Until 4th April, watch Warpforge streams to earn rewards themed around the new faction! Earn exclusive in-game cosmetics and T’au Empire packs while watching your favourite Warpforge streams on Twitch.

Make sure you’re ready by linking your Twitch and Warpforge accounts, check out how in the Twitch Drops breakdown web post. More details on this Twitch Drops campaign will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

The T’au Castes are ready for battle! Lead the fight for the greater good from the front lines and follow the surest path to victory. May the light of the T’au’va guide your ways, noble Shas’o!

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