Update v1.8.8 brings new content and features!

Terrifying shrieks echo across the void, and large shadows sweep across the skies on planets throughout the Galaxy! Update v1.8.8 is now live, introducing the new Leviathan Reinforcement Drop: Terror of Vardenghast into the game, two new features, a major change to the ranked ladder and a number of fixes and quality-of-life changes. Keep reading for more details.

New content

Update v1.8.8 sets up the stage for the arrival of the new Hive Fleet Leviathan Reinforcement Drop. This content release adds a new Warlord and 10 new collectable cards to augment the Tyranid faction’s game plan. Read the Reinforcement Drop’s announcement to learn how to collect the new cards. Take a look at the announcement here!

New Promo Code

Celebrate this monstrous release with a new promotional code. Input promo code “TERROR” in-game to receive 5 Hive Fleet Leviathan Booster Packs and start your own Hive Fleet. The new Leviathan Reinforcement Drop: Terror of Vardenghast cards are now included in booster packs, so don’t miss this chance to claim these new evolutionary horrors!

New features

Together with the new content, this update will bring two new features into the game, which will allow you to commemorate your greatest victories and learn from past battles: Achievements and the Battle Replay system.


Prove your worth in battle and complete the new Achievements list! Win games with your favourite factions, complete card collections and perform brilliant stratagems in battle to fulfill these feats. Every tier of an achievement you complete will earn you Achievement Points, which will be added to your profile to showcase your hard-earned honours.

Steam achievements have also been added to the desktop version of the game. Log into your account on the game’s Steam client and test your mettle to complete these challenges!

Battle Replay

This highly requested feature is making its way into the game! Now, you will be able to review your past games in preparation for future victories. See if you missed any value during a turn, check which plays you could have done differently, learn your opponent’s play patterns… All for upcoming glories and conquests.

By default, you will have access to review your last 30 played matches. Once your match list is filled, the older matches will be deleted to make way for the new ones. If there are any matches you would like to save for posterity, to study them later or to remember well-fought battles, make sure to pin them so they don’t go away!

Changes to ranked divisions

The division thresholds of the ranked ladder have been readjusted to better represent the expected experience from players who have climbed to them. The ranked points needed to ascend to the game’s division will be as follows:

  • Low Division – No requirement
  • Mid Division – 500 points
  • High Division – 1000 points
  • Epic Division – 1750 points
  • Legendary Division – 2500 points

Same as with the previous season, players who reached the Legendary Division (2500+ points) will remain in it after the current season ends.

Twitch Drops integration

Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge now supports Twitch Drops, so get ready to unlock exclusive content and additional rewards by supporting content creators! The first Twitch Drops campaign will begin shortly after the release of the first Reinforcement Drop, with rewards themed around Hive Fleet Leviathan and the Terror of Vardenghast. For now, you can link your Twitch and Warpforge accounts by logging into this site with your Warpforge credentials. More details on Twitch Drops rewards will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Fixes and improvements

  • New draft packs for all armies. The new Hive Fleet Leviathan Warlord and cards will also be available to play with in draft mode after the Reinforcement Drop releases.
  • New Hive Fleet Leviathan card backs and avatars.
  • Added a “fatigue damage” system. Players will now receive incremental damage every time they draw a card if their deck is empty.

Update v1.8.8 is now live on all platforms! Download it and join the battlefield for epic card clashes in the grim darkness of Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge! Good luck on the battlefield, commander.

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