The Terror of Vardenghast is coming!

Hive Fleet Leviathan has opened its jaw and its newest evolutionary horrors are making their way into battlefields all across the Galaxy! The new Leviathan Reinforcement Drop: Terror of Vardenghast is releasing this Thursday, February 1st to all platforms, bringing a new Warlord and new cards for Hive Fleet Leviathan. Keep reading to learn all that’s coming with the update!

Swoop into battle with a new Warlord

Leading the deadly Tyranid invasion is the fearsome Terror of Vardenghast, a Warlord ready to devour the enemy through brutal flying assaults. But this airborne menace doesn’t come alone. Besides the new Warlord, this Reinforcement Drop also includes 10 new collectable troops and stratagems to expand Hive Fleet Leviathan’s game plan.

Get ready to deploy a swarm of Synaptic creatures before unleashing a Norn Emissary, or deploy a deadly Psychophage to lead your Tyranid tides on a Feeding Frenzy!

How to collect the new cards

After the Reinforcement Drop releases on February 1st, there will be many methods available to collect the new cards:

  • Get the best value for your buck and unlock the cards in one fell swoop with NEW HIVE FLEET LEVIATHAN BUNDLES featuring the new cards and exclusive cosmetics! More details coming soon.
  • Hive Fleet Leviathan and All Armies BOOSTER PACKS will have a chance to yield Reinforcement Drop: Terror of Vardenghast cards.
  • Hive Fleet Leviathan WILDCARDS can be exchanged for Reinforcement Drop: Terror of Vardenghast cards.

Celebrate the release in draft mode

Play with the new Hive Fleet Leviathan cards in draft mode! The Tyranid swarms will begin their draft mode invasion after the Reinforcement Drop releases. To celebrate the new release, booster packs included in draft rewards have a chance to be Hive Fleet Leviathan Booster Packs instead of All Armies Booster Packs until February 12th.

Many surprises await on the Reinforcement Drop’s release day, including an exclusive new PROMO CODE. Stay tuned to learn more about it!

New features

This is the year Warpforge grows bigger and better, and the next update is no exception. Together with the new cards from the Reinforcement Drop, the update will also introduce two new features into the game: Achievements and the Battle Replay system. We will release a new web post explaining these features in more depth, but get ready to face new challenges in Warpforge. See you on the battlefield, commander!

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