Prepare for the first ranked season with update v1.8.2!

“Time is fleeting… until I say otherwise.”

– Chronomancer

Are you ready to rumble? This update not only brings balance changes and bug fixes but also sets the stage for the first ranked season to begin! Get ready to assemble your strongest deck, sharpen your blade and fight your way to the top in a month of intense, strategical PvP battles. Keep reading to find out more about the v1.8.2 update.

Preparing for the first ranked season

The first ranked season will start this Thursday, 7th December, at 11am UTC. All players who have taken part in the pre-season will receive a reward based on the division they have reached. That prize will not yet include the exclusive cosmetics that are planned for the top players in future seasons, though. 

When the first ranked season starts, all players will keep their pre-season rating except those above 2500 rating, who will see their rating reset to 2500. While we have considered doing a full reset, we believe it would only worsen the experience for all players, by pitching all players together again in spite of their difference in strength.

This update brings a few additional changes to support this change to a new competitive season:

  • Separate ranked from unranked queues in Multiplayer mode so that they don’t find each other.
  • Change matchmaking criteria, so that the maximum rating difference between opponents is 500. Unless both players are above 2500 rating, in which case there’s no limit to the rating difference to be paired (though available opponents with closer ratings will always be prioritised)
  • Save player selection of ‘Ranked’ or ‘Unranked’ multiplayer mode in local data to keep the selection between sessions
  • Add a leaderboard to see the results of the previous season

Balance changes

This update also introduces the balance changes announced in the previous web post. Take a look at the web post for more details. There is one additional change that is not detailed in the post:

  • The Ultramarine offence card Fleet Support has been replaced with a new card with a different effect. The Ultramarines now have the Aerial Clash offence card, which reads ‘When a player earns a Skull, both players draw a Stratagem

Content Creator program and Twitch Drops

This update prepares the game for a revamped Content Creator program. Stay tuned for more news coming very soon!

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fix edge cases which could cause a game to freeze after finishing without properly saving the result. After restarting, it would show an incorrect result or get recorded twice in the Battle Log.
  • Fix an error handling connection issues while searching for an opponent, which could cause the game to search indefinitely
  • Fix visual error caused by Necron remnants on Android Mali GPUs G57-MC1
  • Fix errors in offence cards Dust Storm and Solar Storm
  • Fix Diabolic Strength not working in certain circumstances
  • Fix incorrect Energy cap when using offence card Infinity Circuit Surge. Energy is no longer capped at 10 and will continue increasing every turn regardless of whether Overtime has started
  • Fix incorrect interaction when Remnants and Waystones were affected by Vulnerable and targeted with Master of Possession talent
  • Add main menu idle music theme
  • Add a warning before purchasing or crafting your second instance of a legendary card, to highlight that only one copy can be used in your deck
  • Fix numerous localisation errors, particularly in German
  • Improve the readability of the profile menu on mobile devices

All of these changes and improvements are now live! Are you ready to take the galaxy by storm in the first Warpforge ranked season? The competition begins this Thursday!

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