Fight in the first Warpforge ranked season!

Are you ready to join the biggest scrap yet? The first Warpforge ranked season begins today! Assemble your strongest deck, sharpen your blade and prepare to join a month full of intense, strategical PvP battles.

Ranked season rewards

After a ranked season ends, every player will be receiving rewards according to the highest division they reached during the season, with the top 50 receiving the greatest set of rewards. These rewards include booster packs, blackstone and a random card of increasing rarity depending on your ranking.

Before a new season begins, everyone with a rating of 2500 or higher will be reset to 2500. The exceeding rating points will be converted into Legendary points, which will be visible in the player’s profile as a record of their grand victories on battlefields across the Galaxy.

Defending the title

As part of their rewards, the top 50 players will receive an exclusive premium card back to mark their achievement! Will you aim high in the ranked ladder to receive one of these glimmering cosmetics? Asserting dominance over your enemies and conquering the rankings is not an easy task. Commanders beware, the quest for survival does not relent, and new threats can appear at the turn of any corner. Your position on the ladder is not secured until the season ends, so prepare your mightiest deck and fight hard to earn your place among legends!

How does the matchmaking work?

Players searching for a Ranked Multiplayer match will only get matched with other players also searching for a Ranked Multiplayer match. The system will try to match those players with the closest rating, and gradually extend the search up to a maximum rating difference of 500 points.

There is a threshold above which all players can be matched together, regardless of their difference in rating. For the first ranked season, the threshold is initially set at 2,500 rating – ie. all players with 2,500 or more can be paired together, even if their difference in rating is higher than 500 points. This serves to ensure there is enough liquidity in the top ranks, so that players who establish an early lead don’t run out of opponents.

If a valid opponent isn’t found within a reasonable time, the player searching for a match will be paired with a bot instead. Matches against bots currently work in the same way as against humans, though we will pay attention to the potential effect this may have in distorting the ratings, and look for ways to prevent or minimise their impact. All players have the option to ‘Disable bots’ in Settings, in which case the game will keep searching for a match until a valid human opponent shows up.

How is the rating calculated?

The rating in the Ranked Multiplayer mode uses an ELO system, where the points gained or lost in a match depend on the rating difference between the players.

A victory or loss between two players with the exact same rating will grant the winner 30 points, while the defeated player will lose 30 points. The points earned by the victor will be higher if the enemy rating at the start of the match was higher, up to a maximum of 50 points earned in a single match. The maximum number of points a player can lose in a single match is capped at 40.

There is one further effect applied to this calculation. Players with a rating above 3,500 have their rating variations gradually scaled down, to the point where each match may only give or subtract between 1 and 5 points at most regardless of the rating difference between the players, flattening the rating differences at the top of the leaderboard. This may occasionally mean that a player above 3,500 rating, losing against someone below that threshold, will lose fewer points than the winner gains, in spite of having a higher rating. This is perfectly normal, and still fair considering that those points also took longer to earn in the first place! A match will always add a minimum of 1 point when winning, or subtract a minimum of 1 point when losing, regardless of the rating and rating difference between the players.

Join the community

Becoming part of the game’s community is as important to reach the highest echelons of competitive play as the cards in your deck! Join the community on Discord and Reddit to learn what is working best for your peers and foes, discover card tech you might have missed before, ask how to counteract successful strategies… Join the Hive Mind worth of community knowledge and attain great success on the battlefield!

If you’re looking to get a foot in the gates of ranked play, you can also find tried and tested decks in the community-ran deck builder site for Warpforge! Find out what others are playing, share your deck for other players to see and ask for feedback on how to improve your game plan. Don’t miss out!

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