Get into the holiday spirit with new Goff deals!

“Don’t you forget who’s in charge!”

– Grukk Face-Rippa

What’s better than a good old scrap to beat the cold?! Get into the holiday spirit by leading the green tide into a red carnage on the battlefields of Warpforge! Assemble your own Waaagh with a bunch of exclusive new deals, available both in-game and in the WEBSHOP.

These deals are only available for a limited time, so don’t miss this chance to boost your Goff collection. Check out what’s available below!

Goff bundle deals

The Orks of the Goff clan enter the spotlight during this weekend’s exclusive deals! Push your collection further than ever with three different pack bundles and get exclusive new Goff cosmetics, ideal to enter the scrap as the orkiest of orks! Enter the WEBSHOP to discover three special bundles:

  • Kunnin’ but brutal: includes 8 Goff booster packs and the “Kunnin’ but brutal” title
  • Squig: includes 15 Goff booster packs and a Squig avatar
  • Face-Rippa: includes 35 Goff booster packs and the “Face-Rippa” card back

Don’t miss this chance to level up your collection with exclusive timed deals! Your chance to assemble the mightiest Waaagh is at hand!

How to use the Webshop

To make a purchase on the WEBSHOP, make sure your in-game account is registered with email and password. If not, you can register your account in-game from the Settings menu. Log into the webshop with that same email and password and any purchases will be delivered to your account. A message will appear in your inbox with a button to claim the purchased contents.

If at any point you come across any problem regarding the purchase or redeeming of your codes, contact us at and we will find a way to resolve the issue.

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