Update v1.8.4 brings improvements to ranked play

After firing the starting pistol for the first Warpforge competitive season in the last Update, version 1.8.4 brings a number of improvements for competitive play, including a significant change to the season card backs awarded to top players, as well as many enhancements to how the game handles disconnections and other connectivity issues. Take a look at all the details below:

Features and improvements

  • Cardbacks earned by reaching top-rank positions will now be permanent.
  • Improved management of disconnections during combat.
  • Bots’ rank is now capped at 2500.
  • Added player names to the “Ranked Season End” and “Ranked Promoted” screens.


  • Fix Helfire Outburst damage sometimes applying to both players.
  • Fix Dust Storm so that redirected attacks use the same attack type (melee or ranged)
  • Resolved issues with Warp Spider and Strike abilities not functioning as expected.
  • Fixed combat highlighting when attacking a unit with Sniper.
  • Fixed instances where players could receive incorrect draft combat results due to disconnections.
  • Corrected visual effects for Biovore and Spore mines.
  • Addressed an exploit where players could infinitely increase turn time.

All these changes are now live! Download the latest update and join the fight. Will you reach for the stars during the first competitive Warpforge season?

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