It’s a Wild Week full of exclusive deals!

The Wild Weeks have begun! Check out the game for exclusive new Wildcard bundle deals EVERY DAY, perfect to fill the holes in your collection. Do you want to know what to expect during the following weeks? Keep reading!

New Wildcard bundles every day!

Every day, the in-game shop will offer exclusive Wildcards bundles perfect for everyone looking to start a new faction or complete their current deck projects. These bundles are also an ideal way to boost your favourite cards to their next cosmetic upgrade and push your forge levels further than ever! Every day you will find three different bundles with a specific faction’s Wildcards:

  • Basic Bundle: including 10 Common, 5 Rare and 1 Epic Wildcards
  • Epic Bundle: including 10 Rare and 3 Epic Wildcards, as well as 1000 crystals
  • Legendary Bundle: including 5 Epic and 1 Legendary Wildcards, as well as 5000 crystals and an exclusive Premium Avatar cosmetic

All of the game’s factions will be featured during the Wild Weeks, find out when:

  • Ultramarines: 18th December
  • Leviathan Hive Fleet: 19th December
  • Black Legion: 20th December
  • Goff Orks: 21st December
  • Saim-Hann Craftworld: 26th December
  • Sautekh Dynasty: 27th December
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