Level up your play: earn rewards by upgrading your army

Among the myriad methods available to progress and improve your collection in Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge, upgrading the visual style of your favourite cards will not only make you stand out on the battlefield but also net you amazing rewards. Upgrading your cards marks your dedication and expertise with one of the game’s epic armies, and it’s also the way to unlock the recently announced Offence and Defence cards. Keep reading to find out exactly what it means to upgrade a card and how it’s done in Warpforge!

An evolving army

As you collect cards in Warpforge, eventually you will reach the maximum amount of copies of a particular card that you can use in a deck. Most of the cards can be collected twice before reaching this limit, but Warlords and Legendary cards max out after collecting a single copy. Once you hit this point, any additional copies you claim as part of rewards or in booster packs will be accumulated in that card’s “duplicates” tally.

Spending two accumulated duplicates and some crystals will let you enhance a card to its first upgrade level, visually changing the card’s frame and netting you some progress towards reaching its army’s next Forge Level. These visual upgrades are shared by all copies of a card in your account – for example, if you upgrade the Sautekh’s Royal Warden, all your copies of that card will always have matching visuals in your decks.

As you upgrade your cards to higher levels, the number of duplicates and crystals required for the next level will increase, but so will the forge points you earn from the upgrade. There are many ways to earn crystals in-game. Commanding your armies in battle is a sure way to earn them, but you can also claim them as rewards for progressing through your campaign nodes or find them in your login rewards.

Forge your legend

Above, there was a mention of upgrades helping you reach your next “Forge Level”. In the game, the Forge acts as both an army’s mastery and prestige track. Progressing through an army’s forge you will award fantastic rewards to further reinforce that army, such as in-game currency, army-specific booster packs and Wild Cards. Wild Cards are the best way to fill holes in your collection or push your way towards your desired deck. By consuming one, you will be able to add a card of your choice from the Wild Card’s specified army and rarity to your collection.

Pushing an army’s Forge level higher will also have a big effect when you either command or encounter that army on the battlefield. After reaching specific Forge levels, you will not only strengthen your ability to lead that army in battle by unlocking its Defence cards but also learn how to fight against them more efficiently by unlocking their Offence cards. Read more about these cards and how they affect the start of the game here.

The Forge was recently introduced into the game with its transition to Closed Beta. Do you want to try this feature yourself? We’re now sending more Closed Beta keys than ever, so fill out this form and join the waitlist for yours! Stay tuned for more exciting news about the game!

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