Check out what’s new in update v1.2.4!

Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge has been out for less than a week, and we’ve been blown away by the player response and the excitement it is generating. We have also received a ton of feedback about issues and potential improvements.

We are prioritising the most important issues and the ‘low hanging fruit’, to keep a steady pace of updates starting with this patch v1.2.4, which brings many bug fixes, quality of life improvements and even some new features. Read on to find out what has changed, and also what we will be working on next.

New feature

  • You can now check the voiceover for each troop in the card collection!

Quality-of-life improvements

  • Draws in Draft mode no longer make you lose an attempt in the run.
  • Countdown in the ‘End turn’ button when your time is about to run out. We are looking into further visual and audio feedback to make sure it’s noticeable.
  • Added sound effect when an opponent is found during matchmaking, in case your attention had drifted elsewhere.
  • The ‘Maximum session time exceeded’ message will now take 30 minutes of inactivity to come up, instead of 5, and won’t happen in battle.
  • New filter in the cards Collection to show only cards that can be upgraded.
  • Display the selected faction name and icon on the Missions menu.
  • Show ‘Waiting for opponent’ tip while waiting for enemy to choose offensive or defensive card, if you don’t have a choice to make.
  • Lower volume of the splash video.
  • Tweak description of Premium Campaigns, to clarify that the last node in each Campaign can be collected an unlimited number of times, and that it is a one-time purchase which doesn’t expire.

Disconnection problems

  • There have been a worrying number of connection issues these first days. We have managed to identify and fix a significant number of problems, so they should no longer happen as often in this update. We will keep monitoring these errors in case any issues remain, to make sure the game is stable once the first ranked season begins in earnest.
  • The game can now run longer in the background before disconnecting from the server.

Card fixes

  • The Invulnerable trait now protects from effects that directly destroy a troop (eg. Inspired Retribution).
  • Fix missing text in some card descriptions in several languages.
  • Fix Helbrute, Delightful Agonies and Chaos Legionary so that they don’t target a unit that’s already going to die anyway.
  • Greatest Deeds no longer says it’s a Psychic Power.
  • Display Varro Tigurius’ Psychic Powers in Varro’s card display.

Other bug fixes

  • Fix error causing Avatar selection to be reset to starter one.
  • Fix error in mission asking you to gain 5 skulls in Draft mode, so that they don’t need to be gained in a single run.
  • Fix Warlord Mastery victory count, which wasn’t working correctly.
  • Fix card level text, so that you now start upgrading to level 2, not to level 1.
  • Card counter now refreshes correctly after crafting a card.

What will come next?

  • Reviewing the different timers in the game, particularly for Daily Missions, to try to make it simpler to keep track of when things become available again.
  • Separate players in Ranked and Unranked modes, so that they don’t face each other.
  • Twitch drops!

We are also having a broader look at all aspects of the game design, investigating other outstanding errors and getting everything ready for the start of the first season. There will be more news on that soon!

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