Community spotlight! Check out great recent videos by your favourite creators

“The hour of blood and clashing blades has come.”

Anvirr Keltoc

Community spotlight! With the first ranked season in full swing, learn how the game’s content creators decide which factions to play and how they build their decks.

Check out their latest videos and catch up on some useful tips and tricks and strategies you might have missed:

Meta report by bjthebrave
Warlord tier list by The Ecclessiarch
Goff Orks gameplay by Life of Flava
8 Strategies to help you beat Ghazghkull
Current state of the game and road map analysis by long tim
Forgecast! The first podcast about Warpforge, by The Ecclessiarch and bjthebrave
Forgecast: Part 1
Forgecast: Part 2

The journey has just begun and these are just a few of the content creators that have enjoyed Warpforge since the Early Access released!

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