Find out the many improvements in update v1.4.5!

Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge arrives on mobile today! Update v1.4.5 brings a ton of improvements and tweaks to both the PC and mobile versions, including quality-of-life changes, balance changes and increased in-game rewards:


  • This update brings several Balance changes to improve some underplayed cards and tame some problematic strategies. Check out all the details in this post!
  • The Overtime mechanic has received an important change. Overtime will now kick in first for the player who started the match in second place, on the turn they would normally reach 10 Energy (assuming no Energy manipulation).
  • Disintegration Capacitors, an early Necron card that was removed after the beta period, should no longer appear in practice decks or draft packs, nor be created by Hyperlogical Strategist.

Quality of Life

  • Improved support for very wide screen aspect ratios.
  • New ‘Large font’ setting for devices with smaller screens. It is enabled by default on touch devices, but it can be changed from the Settings menu in case you connect your Steam Deck to a monitor or play on a large tablet, and prefer to see the same interface as in PC.
  • Added new visual and sound queues for when there are only 10 seconds left in your turn.
  • Added VFX for when using wildcards to craft a new card.
  • Added a text tip when trying to attack an enemy in Stealth.

In-game economy

  • Increased rewards for draft runs, both free and premium. In particular, the number of Crystals granted in free runs has been increased so that it’s closer to what would be gained in Multiplayer in a comparable number of matches.
  • Increased the amount of crystals in Weekly Challenge rewards.

Bug fixes

  • Major work to reduce errors in battle that could cause a match to be cancelled, in particular when an attack is seen by the enemy as using the wrong attack mode.
  • Fixed interaction between Sniper and Armour, as previously there was no retaliatory damage when the Armour prevented the target from dying.
  • Fix the system to count the number of victories with each warlord, for the Warlord Mastery displayed in Profile. This change was done a few days ago. Unfortunately, the rework lost the information on previous victories, so the total won’t count victories from the first few days of the Early Access. Apologies!
  • Removed the button to listen to the voice-lines of Saim-Hann and Black Legion Ephemeral cards – as they don’t have a voice-line.
  • The volume of jingles for Victory/Defeat and opening booster packs is now tied to the ‘Sound effects’ volume bar, instead of the one for ‘Music’.
  • Improvements on several cards’ VFX.
  • Fixed an error when redeeming a code that includes a cosmetic already owned.
  • Fixed description of Concussive trait.

Update v1.4.5 is now live on all game versions! Are you ready to play Warpforge on the go? Make sure to register your account from the in-game settings menu to play with the same account on multiple devices!

What’s next?

This is not all. There are more changes coming to fix issues that arose during the first weeks of Early Access. Here are a couple of the most relevant points we would like to address in future game updates:

  • The Daily Mission system is currently being reviewed and will receive an update shortly, together with fixes for some errors in the Weekly Challenge counter.
  • We are also getting everything ready for the first Ranked Season to start in earnest. We first want to confirm, though, whether this update solves the majority of errors happening in battles that can unfairly impact the match results. Players in Ranked and Unranked modes will also be ‘separated’ at that point so that they don’t face each other.
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