Warpforge is out on mobile! Here’s how to play on multiple devices

Play Warpforge anywhere, anytime! The game’s mobile version has just been released, so you can now play on-the-go from your smartphone! Download the game on Google Play or the App Store and bring the fight for survival in a ruthless Galaxy wherever you go!

Here’s how to play with the same account on multiple devices:

  1. Open the in-game Settings menu
  2. Enter the “Account” tab
  3. Register your account with an e-mail and password

After completing these steps, you will be able to use the registered e-mail and password to log in from any device and platform. Whether you want to play at home or on the go, log into your account and take your card collection with you!

Which factions caught your eye?

Some of the most iconic factions of the Warhammer 40,000 universe lead the charge in the game’s base set selection! You can unlock a starter deck for each faction by completing the first step of that faction’s campaign. Which ones are you most looking forward to playing?


Lead one of the greatest Space Marine Chapters into the battlefield and achieve victory in the name of the Emperor! Take the mantle of great heroes of the Imperium such as Marneus Calgar, Varro Tigurius and Uriel Ventris. Make efficient use of your resources in battle to trigger their Codex ability and conquer your enemies.

Goff Klan Orks

Time for some good scrappin’! The Goff Klan spearheads Ghazghkull Thraka’s Great Waaaagh in its journey to turn the stars green. Earn the favour of Gork and trigger Mob effects by engaging your enemies close and personal, or snatch victory from your enemies by drowning them under sheer numbers of Ork Boyz and Grots.

Sautekh Dynasty Necrons

The reawakened Necrons of Sautekh Dynasty wish to reestablish their dominance over the Galaxy, and bring it to a new era of order and peace under their yoke. Deploy endless tides of troops and reanimate them when they fall in battle. Make use of aeons of strategic mastery by using tactics to trigger additional Artifice effects and cleanse any potential enemy threat.

Black Legion

Abaddon the Despoiler leads his Black Legion on the battlefields of Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge! Play as the dark brethren of the Space Marines, whose original revolt against the Emperor tore apart the Imperium of Mankind ten millennia ago. Bestow your troops with blessings from the Gods of Chaos and overrun your enemy with your unstoppable warriors.

Saim-Hann Craftworld Aeldari

Mount up and ride forth at the head of your own Wild Host! The Aeldari of Craftworld Saim-Hann are renowned for their savagery and preference for fast and mobile attacks, striking like a serpent before falling back beyond the reach of retaliation. Cut your enemies to shreds by using their Shuriken weaponry and summon the fury of the ancestors to avenge the fallen.

Leviathan Hive Fleet Tyranids

Become the Great Devourer and consume planet after planet with an endless swarm of biohorrors at your command. Deploy a near-infinite tide of Tyranids near a Synaptic creature to coordinate them in a relentless assault. Any enhancement troop with Synapse receives will also be applied to the adjacent troops!

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