Get exclusive Tyranid content on Twitch!

The Hive Mind has awakened, and to celebrate the release of the Leviathan Reinforcement Drop: Terror of Vardenghast, the first Warpforge Twitch Drops campaign is now live! From today until the 12th of February, indulge yourself in the relentless devouring of your favourite Warpforge streams on Twitch and claim exclusive rewards from the Tyranid swarm.

Tyranid Twitch Drops Rewards

By watching streams and supporting Warpforge content creators, you will earn progress towards a number of rewards, including Hive Fleet Leviathan Booster Packs and exclusive cosmetics! Get ready to theme your profile around the new release with exclusive cosmetics and gather your own Hive Fleet. This campaign’s rewards include:

  • New cosmetic title: Evolutionary Horror
  • New cosmetic avatar: Tyranid Neuroloid
  • Up to 4 Hive Fleet Leviathan Booster Packs

How to take part

To participate in the Terror of Vanderghast Twitch Drops campaign, please follow these instructions:

  • Visit the account management site and log in with your Warpforge credentials. Then, click on “Link Twitch Account” and follow the instructions to link your Warpforge and Twitch accounts.
  • Tune in to any participating Warpforge stream on Twitch for at least 20 minutes, you will be able to recognize them thanks to the “DropsEnabled” tag. Make sure to use the Twitch account you linked to your Warpforge account to earn progress!
  • Once the entitlement to a Twitch Drops reward is fulfilled, claim it on Twitch and log into the game to receive your reward! Twitch Drops rewards can take a bit of time to be delivered, please give them 24 hours to traverse the warp.

For more details about Twitch drops or if you run into any issues while claiming your rewards, make sure to take a look at the FAQ section of the announcement post.

Explore active Warpforge streams at Twitch Drops Campaigns and unlock all rewards to begin your journey at the head of the hunger tides of Leviathan. Remember, switching games on the channel may temporarily interrupt viewer progress toward Tyranid Twitch Drops milestones.

Let the Tyranid Twitch Drops event lead you to victory in the grim darkness of Warhammer 40,000: Warpforge! 

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