Parting the Veil: How new content will join the fray in Warpforge

With the fires of battle raging across the Galaxy, in 2023 players across the globe took command of some of the most iconic factions of the Warhammer 40,000 franchise in epic card battles. After every first step, another must follow and in 2024 Warpforge goes bigger and better!

In this web post, we want to give you a glimpse into the times to come, sharing how we plan to introduce new content and our vision for the game this year. At the same time, we aim to answer some of your most frequently asked questions in the #questions-for-devs channel of the game’s official Discord server.


The Galaxy is merciless and new enemies await at the turn of every corner, so in 2024 begins the expansion of the game’s card collection with entirely new factions and new content for the existing ones. Throughout the year, we will introduce new cards into the game in two different types of content releases.

Expansions will bring an entirely new faction into the game. These will include a full set of Warlords and cards for the new faction, similar to the ones available to each of the 6 factions from the base set when Warpforge was released in Early Access. These new card collections will not only explore the many warring factions from the 40,000 franchise that are not yet represented in the game but also add new sub-factions, such as new Space Marine chapters or Necron Dynasties.

Reinforcement Drops will be smaller content drops that will expand an existing faction’s card collection. These will introduce a new Warlord for that faction into the game, as well as approximately 10 new cards to either complement its playstyle or open a new deck archetype.

We are still determining how long it takes to develop each of these types of content releases, so at the current moment we cannot give an exact roadmap of when they will come out. However, we are aiming to release 3 expansions and 6 Reinforcement Drops throughout 2024, together with new features which will come up later in the web post.

The current plan is to introduce all of the new cards into the “All factions” booster pack card pool. The launch of a new faction will also introduce a new faction-specific booster pack into the in-game shop, and cards added via reinforcement drops will be added to their faction’s booster pack card pool.

We will celebrate every new content release with a two-week-long in-game event, during which the new content will appear in draft rewards and exclusive bundle deals will be available for purchase.


Beyond the new content drops, there is a lot more coming into the game through 2024. We are currently working on introducing achievements, a replay feature and an Alliances system, so you can band together with your friends and battle brothers and sisters as you fight your way through the ranks of Warpforge.


We want Warpforge to feel epic and fun, so balance is paramount to us. The team constantly monitors the state of the meta, checking both statistics taken from your PvP battles and comments on all of our social media channels.

When a deck strategy is affected by balance and made more / less popular, it opens and closes the way for other strategies to succeed. More variety brings more fun to a card game, so we want as many strategies as possible to be viable. To achieve this, we will release balance updates at the start of new ranked seasons whenever they are deemed necessary. 

2024 is going to be a big year for Warpforge, with new warriors coming into the fray, seeking to survive the dangers of the Galaxy, overcome any challenge and push their dominion further than ever before. Stay tuned for more news about the upcoming releases!

What is yet to come is for us to decide.

– Varro Tigurius
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