Check out the cards from the upcoming Reinforcement Drop!

“Let the enemy quake beneath our treads!”

– Chaplain Letharius

The Ultramarines are the next in line to bolster their lines with a new Reinforcement Drop! Get ready to charge ahead as Chaplain Letharius, the newest Warlord to lead them into battle!

The Letharius Strike Force reinforcement drop blazes into the game soon, but you can already check out the new cards that are joining the game. Take a look at the reveal videos below!

Find out all about Chaplain Letharius, the new Warlord, and discover many of the troops and tactics he will deploy on the battlefield in The Ecclesiarch’s reveal video:

Also, check out Bjthebrave’s video reveal and discover new vehicle synergies and strategies that will be made possible after this Reinforcement Drop, as well as the new Legendary troop that is joining the ranks of the Ultramarines:

The new Reinforcement Drop is coming very soon, so stay tuned and prepare to lead the charge!

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