Make the engines roar! Chaplain Letharius brings a new Raid and Reinforcement Drop

“Forward, brothers! Today we deliver the Emperor’s wrath!”

– Chaplain Letharius

The forces of Ultramar are launching a specialized assault with a new Reinforcement Drop! Put the pedal to the metal and lead the motorized contingent of the Ultramarines as Chaplain Letharius, the newest Warlord to lead Guilliman’s finest into battle.

The Letharius Strike Force reinforcement drop blazes into the game on Thursday, 27th June, around 10am UTC. The format of this release will be similar to the last reinforcement drop‘s, keep reading to find out what to expect!

New Content: Letharius Strike Force

Chaplain Letharius rides into battle as the newest Warlord of the Ultramarines! Take to the field and urge your brothers to a swift victory as this motorized Chaplain. Get ready to unleash new vehicle-focused strategies and charge headlong into the foe, crozius arcanum swinging.

At his command on the battlefield, up to 10 new Troops and Stratagems for the Ultramarines make their debut in this Reinforcement Drop, together with a selection of themed cosmetic items.

Unlock new collectable content in a new Raid

Before the new content becomes fully available through booster packs and wildcards, it will be released exclusively through the Letharius Strike Force Raid event, lasting from 27th June until 4th July.

During this Raid event, the whole player base will join forces to unlock new content by earning Medals, an in-game currency that can be spent to collect the new cards in the Raid menu, available only during the event.

Taking part in the Raid Event will allow players to:

  • Get access to some of the new content for free, just for playing the game. Raid event rewards are in addition to all normal rewards from playing, and any remaining Medals will get converted into Crystals at the end of the event.
  • Try out the Ultramarines faction in case they haven’t already done so. The Raid Mission will reward playing a few matches each day with Ultramarines in multiplayer mode (both Ranked and Unranked). Remember you can get a starter Ultramarines deck very easily by selecting the faction in the Campaign menu and getting just 100 Campaign Points.
  • Rally all players around a common objective, to unlock some amazing cards and cosmetics into the game.

How to earn medals in the Raid

You take part in the raid simply by playing the game! The main focus of the raid is earning Medals to both unlock and collect new content. You can earn Medals in several ways:

  • At the end of Multiplayer matches (both Ranked and Unranked) in varying quantities depending on the number of Skulls earned in the match.
  • As a reward for completing a special daily Raid mission. Earn Skulls in Multiplayer matches (Ranked & Unranked) with an Ultramarine deck to fulfil it!
  • Purchased with Gold and through special bundles available during the raid event.

How does new content get unlocked

Not all of the new content will be available from the beginning, and you will need to work together with your fellow players to unlock it all into the game! All Medals acquired by players are also added to a global tally. Once this tally reaches certain milestones, a new card or cosmetic will join the game and become available for purchase with Medals during the event.

Your individual progress in the Raid is also tracked. Consistently earning Medals and helping the global tally grow will not only help unlock new content and net you enough Medals to collect all of the new content. If your individual Medal progress reaches specific milestones and the reward has been unlocked, you will be able to buy that reward with a massive discount! Playing the game is the best way to get your hands on the new Letharius Strike Force content.

Spending your Medals WILL NOT reduce your individual nor the collective Raid progress. All Medals earned during the event are included in the tally, not just your current balance.

How else can I collect the new content

The new Raid menu also features two special shops where you can spend the Medals you have obtained. These two shops include Letharius himself and 7 of the new cards, which are immediately unlocked from the start, as well as new themed cosmetic items to gild you new Ultramarines decks.

Spending your Medals does not reduce your Raid progress, so shop away and collect the Ultramarines’ new warriors! Both the Cards and Cosmetics Raid shops are static and will not change during the event, so you will always know what’s in store. They will also remain available for roughly one day after the event finishes, to allow you to spend any remaining Medals before they get converted into Crystals.

Become a Premium Raider

For those who want to make the most out of the Raid, there will be a “Premium Raid Bundle” purchase available during the event. When you get this bundle, you will receive 1,500 Medals to spend in the raid’s special shop – enough, for example, to add Chaplain Letharius to your collection right at the start of the Raid event! These Medals will also be added to the global tally, so you will be helping all players push it towards its next milestone!

Besides those Medals, you will get the ‘Premium Raid’ badge which increases the Medals you receive from daily Raid Mission by a whopping 150%, for the duration of the Raid. With this bonus, you will not only collect everything faster but also push the global tally further and further to the next milestone.

What happens when the Raid ends?

Once the Raid ends on 4th July, there will be a 1 day Grace Period during which the Raid menu will still be available, but no more Medals will be earned. This will be your last chance to collect your unclaimed raid rewards and spend your Medals in the Raid’s Card and Cosmetic shops.

At the end of this period, all your remaining Medals will be converted into Crystals and the Raid menu will disappear.

When will the new cards appear in Booster Packs?

Shortly after the Raid ends, the new Letharius Strike Force cards will become available in Booster Packs and players will be able to craft them with Ultramarines Wildcards. An inbox message will announce exactly when this happens. If there are any cards that are not unlocked in the Raid, they will not become collectable – they won’t appear in booster packs and will be removed from the Collection.

Are you ready to command the mechanized Letharius Strike Force and take the battle to your enemies? Will you fight as the Ultramarines to push their raid efforts further? Prepare for the first Warpforge raid event! For the Imperium!

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